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Studio updates.

Purple Pole Beans

Today marks the inaugural raised bed planting. Ryland, Eli and Jackson all took part in this celebratory event. Ok I guess I may be lying a little bit, Ryland planted 5 leftover tomato plants from another project. So today really marks the inaugural planting of Saddlerocks own seedlings. The guys are simultaneously raising the beds, tilling the cover crop and then planting the beds. So while the picture shows only planting the beans there is no shortage of additional work to be done. The purple pole beans are spaced about six inches apart with two rows run parallel through the bed. Although I have never seen a purple pole bean plant I am told they are quite vigorous and if allowed to, can grow 7 ft tall or more. Since beans are a vine we will be creating a support system. Ryland and Eli will be creating something out of repurposed material from the ranch. What do you think we should use as a vine support system? We do have leftover material from the vineyards and that would be simple and straightforward. In my personal opinion that seems a bit too run of the mill, I am opting for a much more creative and visually appealing system. My first thought would be to use reclaimed wine barrels? Maybe we could build something out of the hard wood staves and aluminum rings. Looks like I have some google searching to do... "repurposed bean support system" or "reclaimed vine trellis" or "repurposed purple pole bean for plant production" all seem like interesting searches. 

Shane Semler