Studio Updates

Studio updates.

The seedling starting strategy.

Ryland and Jackson holding the seedling trays. Believe it or not these trays were only planted two weeks prior to this picture being taken. Ryland has told me that due to the timing of germination and the warm humid climate of our greenhouse we are seeing tremendous seedling growth. In fact it has been so vigorous that we are behind schedule on important infrastructure projects related to planting these seedlings. AKA the raised bed irrigation system. We can always plant the seedlings and hand water them but since we will be planting large quantities we will opt to get the irrigation system finished ASAP. Once the irrigation system is finished we can set the drip lines on timers to avoid hand watering. We are using a basic drip line system connected to traditional solenoid landscape watering valves and a garden sprinkler control system. The beautiful thing about this drip system is that Ryland has designed it to be movable. If we plant a crop in a raised bed and want to move that drip system to another raised bed all we have to do is change a few connectors and roll up the system. This will allow us to easily change crop production in different raised beds which will create better soil health in the long run. 

Shane Semler