Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Dec. 28, 2017

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend.  It has been a treat to work in the garden this week with no wind and nice temperatures.  More alfalfa has been spread in the garden to add nutrients to soil and to act as a mulch.  The seedlings in the greenhouse are sooooo happy and cute.  I am overwhelmed with joy when I walk in there.

Since the winter solstice is now behind us a bit, hopefully the garden starts to pump out some abundant harvests soon.  All that being said, I am still impressed with the amount we have been able to harvest.  The Hike & Harvest groups have been very satisfied and I am sure providing them jars of Elis honey helps too.  Guests have been totally loving the oranges.  Lots of them eat the oranges while they hike.

My back breaking duty of the week was to thinning out the radish seedlings which I still haven't finished.


Have an awesome New Years Eve!  My dad has always said "May the best of 2017 be your worst of 2018."  haha  See you all next year!


Harvest:  Oranges in orchard, Radishes, White Eggplants, Serrano Peppers, Herbs (sages, thai basil, rosemary)


Recipe Idea:  Radish Chips (cut them thin and bake them!)

Shane Semler