Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Dec. 8, 2017

The garden definitely took a beating this week due to all the high winds. Some plants even snapped. Ryland and I did our best to tend to the gardens needs. A lot was pulled this week (zucchini, corn, flowers) to create more space for new plantings. The greenhouse has tiny seedlings that have popped up from last weeks sowing which are pretty adorable. However, unfortunately 8 of the flats were mowed down last night by a critter that got into the greenhouse. A bird or rodent also got to the beet seeds sown in the field. Mother Nature is definitely the boss this week.

Abundant harvests might be a bit challenging at the moment due to the weather, critters & transition. We have also had some pretty large 'Hike & Harvest' groups lately which has been great for business but at times effects availability of produce.

All that being said, harvesting can include chard, radishes, carrots, eggplant, peppers, and herbs (rosemary, sages and oregano). If you can remember, please have visitors harvest from only one row (the first row) of radishes. This will help with succession planting. Once a whole row has been harvested we will know we can immediately start planting in there again.

I sent an email to Ryland with a link for garden signage. That way it will be easy for everyone to know what crops can be harvested as well as what they are.

Definitely let me know if you have any feathers you have collected from hikes that you aren't attached to. I would love to get some Saddlerock sage/feather bundles going to sell when the time is right.

There will also be an email going out soon of some potential dates for a short Hike & Harvest Training so that everyone is comfortable identifying and guiding guests on proper harvesting techniques.

Shane Semler