Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Jan. 12, 2018

Yeayyy for rain this week!  Gosh how we needed it.  I spent a good chunk of time weeding in the garden Wednesday bc weeding after a rain is a lot more pleasant when the soil is wet.  I pulled 80% of the Serrano Peppers but have left a few plants for this weekends Hike & Harvest.  The broccoli plants have started to have small broccoli heads which is a plus, but definitely aren't ready to be harvested yet.


I know I mentioned this a month ago, but if any of you come across any cool nature findings on the property that you don't get attached to i.e. feathers, please put them somewhere where I can find the items.  I have started harvesting and drying sage bundles and sage & herb bundles to sell on behalf of Saddlerock Gardens and cool nature findings would add a nice touch.


As a friendly reminder, if you have not received any sort of Hike & Harvest Training from me,  please be sure to give me days/times you are available so I can show you.  Otherwise I can email you all the details with photos the week of your first Hike & Harvest.  Come March, it will be expected that all hike guides know how to facilitate a Hike & Harvest Tour.  I know Shane plans to hire more guides if necessary.  The goal is that come March, there will be 4 Hike & Harvests a week.


Harvest:  Citrus from orchard, Radishes, Collard Greens, White Eggplant, Microgreens, Last Serrano Pepper Harvest, Herbs (sage, rosemary, oregano), Purple Kale, Purple Mustard Greens TO TASTE ONLY & last but not least....Tomatoes!!!  There are definitely some orange and red ones that have ripened in the lower level of the garden.  Feel free to also tell guests to harvest Green Tomatoes to make Fried Green Tomatoes!

Shane Semler