Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Jan. 18, 2018

Aside from missing some work this week due to being sick with whatever is going around this city, I have noticed the crops getting much bigger.  Some duties this week included adding more alfalfa to the beds, sowing more flats of vegetable seeds, and transplanting into pots when enough room in the green house.  I also got a little 'ocd' on myself and split the green house plants with seedlings on one side and transplanted into pots on the other  : P.   Peppers are officially gone and somehow the white eggplants are still hangin on. The broccoli plants have gotten pretty big the past week too.  The available harvest hasn't changed much in the past week.

It also looks like some new and exciting classes/workshops will be happening at the garden within the next month or so.  I met with a few girls who work for the non-profit 'Wild Women Project.'  Seems like they will be bringing in a yogi with adorable Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Goat Yoga at the garden!!!  I met two of the goats this week and they were precious.  I have also been in communication with a woman named Liz of 'The Dog Wood Dyer.'  Her work seems epic.  Feel free to check out their sites here: and

In other exciting news, Ryland returns back from Hawaii.  I guess that is more exciting for me than all of you haha.  I am just stoked to have company in the garden again.

Recipe Idea:  For those who don't know how to use collard greens, they can be sauteed or can be used as a sandwich wrap!  I have had collard greens stuffed with veggies and a peanut sauce which was super yummy.

Harvest:  Citrus from orchard, Radishes, Collard Greens, White Eggplant, Microgreens, Herbs (sage, rosemary, oregano), Big Purple Kale & Mustard Green Leaves TO TASTE ONLY, Tomatoes, and a tiny harvest of Green Curly Kale! 

Shane Semler