Studio Updates

Studio updates.

April 6, 2018

There are so many photo opps right now in the garden, it makes me so happy.  Something got to our pepper plants this week, but I think they will pull through.  Everything is filling in so nicely.  Eggplants have been added to the garden as well as zucchini.  Strawberries are starting to cover the garden hillside too!

My garden projects this week included sowing seeds, transplanting and thinning some greens.  I also spent a day focusing on admin stuff and am happy to say there are new workshops & classes to be added soon on our Malibu Wine Hikes site.  The most regular classes we offer are Yoga Level 1-2, and Goat Yoga.

Don't forget about the Garden Dinners!  The bookings for those have really started to increase, so don't miss your opportunity to have an extraordinary meal on beautiful land with lovely people.....while sipping wine of course!

Current Harvest at Saddlerock = Oranges, some Loquats, Radishes, Kale, Chard, Collards, Carrots, Microgreens, Lettuces, Turnips, Calendula Flowers, Fava Beans (leaves & flowers) and Herbs.

Eli Lichter Marck