Studio Updates

Studio updates.

June 15, 2018

I don't know where June Gloom went, but so far May has been the only gray month.  Sunblock, Sun Hats, Sunnies and Shorts are officially out.  I am going to have to add 'Even Out Tan Lines,' to my To-Do List by mid-summer!

A lot has been getting done in the garden and surrounding space.  Another olive tree was added to the space last night.  The ones planted last week are looking okay, but not amazing.  The move may have been too much for them.  I have faith though that they will pull through the transplant trauma.

Garlic (my favorite crop) is getting closer and closer to harvest.  It takes about 9 months for garlic to grow and each clove of garlic acts as a seed.  Pretty cool fun fact that a clove of garlic produces a full bulb!

I was excited to find some treasures under the soil known as Red Potatoes & Purple Potatoes.  Our Hot Banana Peppers are also ready for harvest.  Tomatoes are still chugging along and Eggplants are flowering.

We have made more space at the garden to accommodate more garden dinner guests.  There is a garden dinner tomorrow night which is filling up fast!

Current Harvest at Saddlerock:  Garlic Scapes, Red Potatoes, Artichokes, Kale, Hot Banana Peppers, Very Little Chard, Some Purple Potatoes, Collards, Strawberries, Edible Flowers, Bouquet Flowers, Immature Red Leaf Lettuce, Random Fava Bean plants, VERY few tomatoes, Microgreens, & Herbs (rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano, sages)

Eli Lichter Marck