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Coffee Ceremony & Reading

Join me as I host and facilitate a cultural and spiritual Coffee Reading Ceremony in a sacred space full of nature, elevation, and positive vibes. Learn about the history of #coffeeReading and its epic impact on #femaleEmpowerment through the ages, my personal ancestral history on how I started reading #symbols and signs appearing in the demitasse, and dive deeper in intuitive conversations about #divination, patterns, and energy all around.

Every guest gets a coffee reading during the group ceremony. The process will be very interactive as the session is an extremely healing, releasing, and invigorating experience. From the #intention setting in the very beginning where all details in making the #coffee is paid attention to, to pouring, to energy exchanges, to #esoteric and intuitive information downloaded and distributed through the group, to releases, and even the washing of the cups are ritualistic is nature in teaching the reader to become more aware of their surroundings and eventually reading beyond the cup. Also, the reader learns to take time and sets intention in all their endeavors in the way they do with the coffee to see the results as they do in the coffee.

Be comfy and a bit festive because it is a special occasion! Do not come with an empty stomach, and get ready to drink an organically delicious cup of cardamom-infused Armenian coffee, turn over your cup into the saucer, and have it read like a tarot spread.

**Please only use Google Maps as other services do not work to this address.**

32111 Mullholland Highway, Malibu 90265

There is a wooden sign that says 'Malibu Wine Safaris'. The entrance will be open.  Park in the lot and meet at the Silver Airstream that says 'Malibu Wine Hikes' under the shade of the oak trees.  You will check-in there and catch your shuttle to/from the garden location. There will be a 10:30am Shuttle & a 10:45am Shuttle.  Class starts at 11:00am SHARP!  You are NOT going to the Malibu Wines tasting area parking lot. 

***There will be optional wine tasting if you would like to participate. The 5 tastings are an additional $17- please bring cash/check.***  Tastings will be held at Malibu Wines tasting area.

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